Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gardening in the East

I have been spending many hours a week, and sometimes daily, wasting away the day in the garden. Mostly I am weeding and thinning now, but for about 3 weeks straight I was turning over soil, harvesting and tossing out rocks, planting seed, transplanting seedlings that had been started inside, watering and searching for creative ways to make more space. Much of the time I just stand in the garden and look at my work. That feels good and it's hardwork right in front of your face that shows pretty quick results. I've had my fair share of struggles, too. Like when it snowed on my garden on May 25! Everything survived, except the cucumbers which were beautiful. I have also had some hard lessons from black flies. Apparently they don't bother me while feasting on me, but I was a swollen, red-dotted mess for 2 weeks following that episode. Now I wear full coverage during black fly season, including a turtleneck no matter what the temperature!! I have also lost squash seeds and others to rot due to heavy rains for days in end before they germinated. But the great thing about that? I just assessed and replanted.

I think the reason I love building my own garden and working the soil and earth between my fingers is the absolute metaphor for life it provides. You can always have a fresh, new start. Sometimes you thrive right away and other times it takes a while to get going. Sometimes, even under the best circumstances, you just cannot make it happen and other times it seems miraculous that a life could be formed. Hard weather can be threatening and unpredictable, but surprisingly you usually can persevere. If you want it to be wonderful and be something you can be proud of than you must give it the daily attention it needs.

All very good lessons that I needed to be reminded of.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chicks these days

We have one confirmed rooster who cockadoodle doo'd the other morning at only 6.5 weeks old (Glory). We have several other suspects. Hoping we get a hen or two!!

Sugarloaf 15k

Finally got back to a race with my sister and friend, Maggie. It was a test to average 10 minute miles, but I managed to do it. 1:33:33. I had a great time, felt inspired and now I am sore! Shin splints are alive and well. Haven't I been here before??

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Johanna plays Tball

We haven't played an actual game yet, but have practiced and scrimmaged. I am the coach and this has been a hilarious and awesome endeavor!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We went to auntie Rachel's house on Sunday. We played with Elliott, their three grown chickens, kalika, Matt and auggie. Super fun!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From the archives

From July 17, 2012

Usually, Luke and I take turns putting the girls to sleep. We got ourselves(and our girls) in the habit of laying between them on their double bed, reading stories, then singing songs(me) and then letting them fall asleep on either side of us. Then we would carefully tip toe out of the room, or fall asleep ourselves. Some times it's a rock paper scissors thing, but sometimes the beauty and peacefulness of your children falling asleep in your arms is the greatest reward. This is a story of me putting the girls to bed one summer night when the girls were 2 & 4 years old.

Last night while Emmy was falling asleep... "Pop pop? Nope. Pop pop? Nope."
"cookie?(pronounced coooookie). Nope. Cookie? Nope."
Several more times with some "mamma nopes" thrown in.
Then "dop playing" (stop playing) about 20 times.
Then she fell asleep in my arms with Johanna already sleeping on the other arm. I love my girls.

Pop pop is a Popsicle.